We have a vision to improve the overall experience of users of public facilities in Australia, and have teamed up with Permaloo – the leading public toilet manufacturer in New Zealand – to bring this vision to reality.

What We Do

Rebus Restrooms build top quality public amenities structures, from single pan toilets to large architecturally designed facilities for high use applications. We produce these facilities using Precast Concrete- a durable, solid building material with many inherent benefits. Our prefabricated construction methods mean your new facility arrives onsite as a finished unit- ready to be connected and put to use.

Why use Rebus Restrooms?

1. Built to Last

Rebus Restroom public toilets are built from durable, complementary materials such as precast concrete, stainless steel and sustainably sourced timber. The results speak for themselves: robust, vandal-proof buildings that can withstand even the harshest bush and beachfront environments.

2. Easy to Maintain

Your time is precious, so it’s important that your public toilet facilities are simple to manage and maintain. We recommend the highest quality finishes and fittings for your project, to ensure an easy-to-clean facility which requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

3. Unbeatable Life Cycle Cost

Today’s economic environment focuses on driving down initial construction costs, and it is easy to lose sight of the big picture when looking at investing in infrastructure.Our focus on the use of durable materials, smart design and top quality finishes means your new toilet block will last longer, and be more cost effective to maintain than any other method of construction.

4. Designed to Suit

Every facility we build is designed to suit the environment, usage, and aesthetic requirements of each specific site, as well as the community sentiment around the site. From basic solutions through to intricate architectural designs we’ll work with you and your community to create detailed concept drawings and the perfect public toilet design for your project. We attend consultation meetings to get an understanding of your residents’ priorities, and use local contractors on the ground to help support your economy. The result is a popular public toilet facility everyone has had a hand in creating.

5. Quick to Build

Prefabricated construction is rapidly becoming recognised as a safer, quicker, and more cost effective method than traditional onsite building. Our precast concrete toilets are delivered to your site with plumbing, fixtures and fittings ready to go, making them quick and simple to install. That means minimal on-site disruption and a new public toilet facility you can use within weeks.

6. Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment as much as you do, which is why Rebus Restrooms public toilets are made using natural, permanent materials.  Our prefabrication process minimises on site works, meaning you don’t have to manage teams of tradespeople or transport them in and out of remote locations. You also have the option of an eco-friendly composting or dry vault toilet system.

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